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Off-Page SEO

There is more than the technicalities involved in designing a website. While there are authorities who said that SEO can be done without knowledge to the technical aspects, I beg to qualify. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will discuss it.

Before going deeper, let me give you a backgrounder about off-page SEO. This type of SEO is what you typically do outside your own website. Its exact opposite is on-page SEO which involves strengthening a sites foundation. These two are both very important and as I will be pointing out later, it involves highly technical work which an ordinary website owner may not be able to learn that easy.

Off-page SEO involves earning links, mentions, authority, relevance and value from efforts other than what can be done on the website. It is about varying and scaling up of these efforts to build a solid foundation. When done right, a website can almost always expect higher rankings and greater visibility from web search.

It may be true that factors like user experience, content, relevance, social signals, among many other things, could contribute directly or indirectly to ranking a website, there are however aspects in search engine algorithm which is highly technical. Think about separate algorithm to rank for maps and other local search results. These are aspects which you can learn from just having a website.

Ranking on the organic listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines isn’t as simple as having a website. Yes having a website is much simpler than the efforts to rank. It involves planning, strategizing, being patient and consistent, scaling, and expanding among other things. Each search engine follows a certain criteria and without proper knowledge of these, you may end up not being seen online.

Website By Glenn’s aim is to make each website they build on the first page of Google. This happens mostly to those who continue asking for guidance and help beyond the completion of their website. While each website which has been built by “Website By Glenn” has been given extensive on-page SEO, it still needs off-page SEO work before one can put money in his/her pocket. The website is yet to be promoted and we have a solid, tested and proven way to do that.

Each year, we gather the best practices by known authorities in the field, test them, and check on them to see they are within what Google and other search engines allow. We calculate risk and while you do other details you are good at, you are assured that we are doing the right thing for you. If you want to know more about out plan, you can call us at +63 (919) 562-4591 or contact us via Contact Page of our website HERE.