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On-page SEO

While this on-page SEO service can be bought as a separate package, this constitutes as part of every website that we design for clients. Most clients fail to realize that it is best to start with on-page upon launching or during the redesign of a website. It is a mistake no to start it so soon in that it may just require efforts to re-architect the entire site.

Every website owner who desires better opportunities for long-term success should invest with on-page SEO. It should be done before doing off-page and must be consistently done for the future pages of a website. It helps tell users and search engines about what you do. Each meta and markup helps them understand the context of your website and this boils down to increasing a page’s relevance to a search query.

Think of your website as an advertisement of your business. It presents your important selling points to your target audience. If it has thin content, for example, it is most likely that it will not get the attention that it deserves. And while it is just part of the big picture, it is not wrong to say that this marks the start of Big SEO picture, although it doesn’t directly affect rankings.

When search engines find your site relevant, you have just started good and you can almost certainly expect great things to flow your funnel. Here at “Website By Glenn”, on-page SEO is part of the things we are really good at. The schemas and markups we employ are not keyword-centric but are designed to increase click-through rate. Contact us today for free website analysis.