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Website Maintenance

You have a website but don’t have time to update and manage? Worry no more! We have the most affordable solution for this type of problem. We will do the needed updates while you focus on other things about your own business.

Our web maintenance package is simply the best. We do all the backing up of your website, the updating of the plugins you use, the publishing of posts, the linking to important pages, and other time consuming things that you consider added burden on your shoulder. This web maintenance package is something you can never find elsewhere for the price we offer.

We want you to succeed online because we believe our success depends on how far each site we build and promote has gone. That is the yardstick of our success. If you do not gain visibility as the result of our efforts, it only means we have failed considerably. When we say you’d get known, we mean it and we will work hard for it.

We have been in business for a very long time now and we have helped many businesses thrive. While most of our clients are from US, Canada, and the UK, we can do just the same wherever you are in the globe. We want you to get the same edge our other clients are getting so drop us a call today and consult with us free of charge.

We have the most pocket-friendly pricing and when we say pocket friendly, we mean it by word. For as low as $47 dollars per month, we can do everything for you. If you want us to provide the highly optimized content for you, go for an upgrade to $97 a month and you will have regular content published on a weekly basis. Contact us at +63 919 562-4591.